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1991 Charter Inductees –

Lou Graham

Dudley “Waxo” Green

Dr. Cary Middlecoff

Lew Oehmig

Curtis Person, Sr.

Betty Probasco

Mason Rudolph


1995 Inductees – 

C. L. “Gibby” Gilbert, III

John T. “Jack” Lupton

Hillman Robbins

Judy Eller Street 


1997 Inductee –

Ted Rhodes


1999 Inductees –

Harold Eller

Sarah LeBrun Ingram

Don Malarkey


2002 Inductees –

Pat Abbott

Ed Brantly 

Polly Boyd

Marguerite Gaut

Katherine Graham

Margaret Gunther Lee

Emmett Spicer 


2004 Inductee – 

Harry A. “Cotton” Berrier 


2005 Inductee –

Vince Gill 


2006 Inductees –

Loren Roberts

David Stone


2007 Inductees –

Joe Campbell

Connie Day

Ann Baker Furrow

Bobby Greenwood 


2009 Inductees –

Danny Green

Tim Jackson

Beverly Eller Pearce


2010 Inductees –

Lew Conner

Willie Gibbons

Bill Greene


2011 Inductee -

David Meador


2012 Inductee -

Joe Taggert


2015 Inductees -

Edyth Duffield

Horace F. Smith

Gene Pearce

Maggie Scott

2016 Inductees -

Mack P. Brothers, Jr.

E. E. "Bubber" Johnson

Roy Moore

Marguerite Solomon

Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame Members


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2017 Inductees -

Michel "Mike" Kaplan

Joe Kennedy

Toby Wilt​

2018 Inductee -

Jean St. Charles


2019 Inductee -

Dick Horton

2022 Inductees -


David Gossett

Shaun Micheel

2023 Inductee - 

Rob Long 

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