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The Tennessee Golf Foundation administers the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame with headquarters located at Golf House Tennessee, 400 Franklin Road, Franklin, Tennessee 37069. The Tennessee Golf Foundation is a 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit corporation.


The Tennessee Golf Foundation accepts all nominations from the general public for candidates to be considered for induction into the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame.

  • It is recommended an individual must be at least 40 years old and be basically “retired” or non-competitive from a high level competition or service to the industry.

  • A highly unusual circumstance of an individual under age 40 could receive special consideration at the committee’s discretion, knowing a very strong case must be offered to make an exception.

Championship Players:
  • For induction based solely on playing accomplishments, it is recommended that the nominee competed at a high level for a number of years. An emphasis will be placed on the number of wins achieved at the state (Tennessee Golf Association/Tennessee Section PGA), national (USGA, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, Western GA, Southern GA, etc.), and international level. An established point system will serve as an evaluation guide.

Service to Game:
  • For induction based on service to the game (non-playing) it is recommended a person be highly recognized in his/her field of endeavor within or as it relates to golf.  This category could include, but not limited to, PGA club golf professionals and golf course superintendents, golf association service as a board member, leader or volunteer, coach, golf writer, club manager or championship tournament director.


Information About Candidates:

The process by which an individual’s name progresses from initial nomination to induction begins with completing the nomination form.  The information gleaned from this form can determine the stature or priority given to a person’s candidacy. Those wishing to place names into nomination are encouraged to provide as much accurate data as possible about the individual. Nominations remain active for three (3) years. Nominees not elected within three (3) years may be resubmitted if the individual has had additional accomplishments since the initial nomination.


Nominating Committee:

The Nominating Committee shall consist of the TGF President, Executive Directors of the Tennessee Golf Association and Tennessee Section PGA, two at large representatives appointed by the TGF Board Chairman and one representative from the Tennessee PGA and one from the Tennessee Golf Association appointed by their respective Presidents.  The Committee considers all relevant data then submits a slate of nominees to the TGF Hall of Fame Committee for review and approval as the next induction class.


Hall of Fame Committee:

The Hall of Fame Committee is the Tennessee Golf Foundation Board of Directors, which is comprised of four representatives of the Tennessee Golf Association and four representatives of the Tennessee Section PGA, plus one independent ninth director. TGA/TPGA/TGF staff leaders serve as non-voting advisors to the committee. The Committee reviews the slate of nominees submitted by the Nominating Committee and will vote to approve the slate or could ask the Nominating Committee to consider additional or different nominees. The Committee’s vote on the induction class is final.


Nomination Timetable:

  • Nominations for consideration will be accepted at any time of the year but must be received by June 30th to be considered for the following year’s slate of nominees.

  • The Nominating Committee will meet/correspond in the 3rd Quarter of the year to evaluate and recommend the slate of nominees.

  • The Hall of Fame Committee will receive the proposed inductee nominations in the 4th Quarter, with decisions for induction made by the end of the year.

  • February 1st the Hall of Fame inductees will be announced at the respective association annual meetings.

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